Employee Value Propositions

The process of engaging talent always begins with your Employee Value Proposition. We offer EVP analysis to
underpin the foundations of your hiring and retention strategy.


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What is EVP?


Your EVP is the combination of all the benefits an employee receives for working in your organisation. It’s the reason people are
attracted to work for you and the reason you retain your team. Your employee value proposition includes physical benefits such as
financial reward, to more subjective aspects such as company culture, company values, leadership and team environment.

A clearly defined and well promoted EVP

Helps to attract and retain talent

Re-engages a disenchanted workforce

Reduces new hire premiums

Appeals to tough to hire talent groups

Why analyse your


By 2020, 60% of the workforce will be millennials. This group isn’t solely attracted by, nor will they stay within a company, purely for the salary they receive. People now expect more from their workplace, and your EVP needs to stand out from other employers to attract and retain the best talent. Promoting a genuine and authentic EVP can also help identify candidates who will be more engaged and less likely to leave.

Introducing EVP Analysis by 360


360’s Employee Value Proposition analysis is specifically designed to identify and explore your true EVP, to assist in the retention of great employees and to aid your future candidate
attraction strategies.

  • Process

    We identify your EVP through a series of fully
    facilitated workshops with your employees.
    Our employee centric sessions are completed
    using a specifically designed EVP card game,
    which is fully tailored to your business’s
    benefits and culture. We always maintain an
    impartial viewpoint and provide you with a full
    report on our findings, which will include
    actionable insights.

    This process can be replicated across multiple
    locations and/or job roles. We can segment
    your findings to report on the EVP of different
    job functions, high vs low performers, length of
    service comparisons, line manager or
    geographical location – depending on your

  • Results

    Your business will receive a full report including the results of the quantitative data. This identifies your current EVP, provides suggestions for areas of cost savings within your current reward package, and highlights aspects which would benefit from improved internal and external communication.

    Qualitative data insights are also included along with recommendations for future HR strategies along with an EVP roadmap to promote your Employee Value Proposition to its full potential. We can also help draft EVP optimised job advertisements so that they attract your ideal target audience.


Why analyse your EVP

  • To understand the key factors of your current EVP
  • To identify what motivates your high performers
  • To identify areas of possible improvement to your EVP
  • To identify potential cost savings
  • To identify under appreciated areas of your EVP that could be better communicated to your team
  • To improve internal engagement & promote retention
  • To provide an EVP framework for future candidate attraction

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