To adhere to GDPR for HR – you’ll need to show active compliance by the deadline on the 25th May 2018. From a recruitment perspective, GDPR applies to the CVs and application forms you receive, as well as any digital applicant records you may keep on file. This includes any form of filing system – including Excel spreadsheets – so if you are using Excel to track candidates at the moment then you’ll need to stop doing this in May.

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Time left until GDPR comes in to force

TO 25th MAY 2018

What is GDPR?

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation and is essentially a privacy policy designed to improve individuals’ data rights. This personal data could include anything you currently collect or hold on file, including but not limited to: names, addresses, photos, email addresses, bank details, IP addresses and medical records. It applies to any business that processes data about individuals in the EU – this includes companies who reside outside the EU if they are processing EU data.

How does GDPR affect HR?

GDPR compliance within the recruitment function of HR needs to be focused around these key areas:


Data Collection –

Your application process & data sources


Data Storage –

Your talent pool & any other stored data


Data Access –

Candidate accessibility & data requests

For more information specifically regarding GDPR for HR then you can request a free copy of our 17-page GDPR ebook.

Get GDPR for HR
compliant – quickly

So how can you make sure that your HR function fully adheres to the new regulations?

The quickest way to do this is to implement a fully GDPR compliant applicant tracking system. A good ATS will adhere to GDPR by ensuring that your data collection, storage and access are all on point for the 25th May.

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  • GDPR for HR Requirement
  • 360’s Talos ATS Solution
  • GDPR for HR Requirement Candidates’ right to be forgotten
  • 360’s Talos ATS Solution Integrated “removal process” within your ATS. Unsubscribe links included with automated email communications.
  • GDPR for HR Requirement Candidates’ right to request their info
  • 360’s Talos ATS Solution Full export of all candidate data from your ATS. All data within the ATS is auditable so clients will be able to answer questions if queried by a candidate and send across within the 30 day time period as requested.
  • GDPR for HR Requirement Candidates’ right to edit & update their info
  • 360’s Talos ATS Solution Candidate portal to enable them to update their own details.
  • GDPR for HR Requirement Consent to hold data
  • 360’s Talos ATS Solution All applicants time stamped on entering the ATS.
  • GDPR for HR Requirement Duration of data capture
  • 360’s Talos ATS Solution Auto emails every 6 months to request permission to keep their data on file so you can contact them re relevant roles.
  • GDPR for HR Requirement Data security compliance
  • 360’s Talos ATS Solution We’re a UK company & our servers are based within the EU.
  • GDPR for HR Requirement Data security
  • 360’s Talos ATS Solution We use the most advanced technology including SSL encryption to protect your data. All application forms incl. those with scoring, filtering & killer questions, will have a written disclaimer to inform applicants of their rights and informing them of how their application will be processed.
  • GDPR for HR Requirement Data automation transparency
  • 360’s Talos ATS Solution We’ll provide an alternative method of applying if Article 22 applies to your application process.
  • GDPR for HR Requirement Automation opt-out Data protection
  • 360’s Talos ATS Solution We have the ability to restrict access to candidate information based on individual users.

An ATS that’s
GDPR Compliant

We provide an ATS called Talos and from application forms to our talent pool we’ve ensured that Talos is fully GDPR compliant. This means that your recruitment software is an area that you don’t need to worry about in regards to the new regulation.

Even more reasons to use Talos…

  • Your Own Jobs Page Included

    Improve your candidate journey & your employer brand promotion with a branded jobs page designed to compliment your current website. This includes searchable job listings and even speculative CV uploads.

  • Integrated Multi-poster

    Select from one of up to 30 templated job adverts and with a click distribute your advert to your choice of job boards, social media sites and even recruitment agencies via our agency portal.

  • Interview Booking

    Save a huge amount of administration time with our advanced interview booking. Either assign specific time slots to candidates or provide a list of times and let our intelligent booking system manage the process for you.

  • Talent Pool

    Save money on future hires by building up your very own internal talent pool. You can then use our advanced search technology to identify candidates with key skills and email them when relevant roles become available

  • Hierarchy & User Permissions

    You choose your requisition process and we set it up for you! Let us know your ideal structure with departmental and/or regional silos and we’ll tailor your software so that the appropriate people see the relevant info.

  • Reporting Suite

    Get visibility and take control of your key HR recruitment metrics. With Talos you can monitor your time to hire, cost per hire and applications by source, to ensure that you are consistently optimising your ROI.

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