Don’t make these three CV mistakes

By Tom Evans

So, you have years of experience and top-notch qualifications, so why isn’t your phone ringing off the hook with job offers?

It might be because you’re making a number of simple mistakes on your CV that are putting off potential employers, so keep an eye out for the following on your resume:

Spelling & grammar

Spell check is there for a reason, so before submitting your CV to that exciting job opportunity that you’ve just came across, make sure that you give it the once over. Double checking for spelling and grammar errors is a sure fire way to make certain that you’re presenting yourself and your abilities in the best light possible, especially when it comes to more senior roles.

A few fibs

You might feel that embellishing your experience and achievements can only do wonders for your career, but it’s not great CV advice. If you get caught out, you might not only lose out on the current opportunity that you applied for, but also future ones. Many industries are tightknit, with senior professionals with hiring responsibilities often moving between firms. This means that your CV is likely to land on their desk more than once, and they’ll probably remember those job seekers that tried to trick them. It also won’t suit you, as you will need a role that you can excel in, not hit a brick wall!

Saying too much

While you don’t want to hold back on displaying your accomplishments, both within your career and private life, employers also won’t spend too long reading through a seemingly endless CV. If it is poorly formatted, includes too many jobs that aren’t relevant or you can’t explain your previous positions concisely, recruiters might find it too hard to pick out the winning qualities from your resume. Having your CV professionally reviewed is a great way to resolve this issue.

As you can see, simple mistakes can be costly for job seekers, but investing in a professional CV can boost your prospects greatly.

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