10 things not to do on your first day!

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When starting a new job it’s natural to get the first day jitters, entering unknown surroundings can be unnerving even for the most calm and collected person. The constant wonder if your boss will welcome you with open arms or if they’ll be the passing nod type, whether your new work colleagues will be pleasant to you, and most importantly are there satisfactory coffee making facilities, because poor coffee making facilities could be a deal breaker.

Here we’ve have compiled a list of things you should probably refrain from doing at your new job if you plan on staying longer than a week.

  1. Parking in the Big Boss’s reserved space. It’s your first day and you want to arrive on time and with all that nervous excited energy it’s easy to miss little things like a sign saying Reserved Parking for Mark Smith CEO. So keep your eyes peeled and if there is a space directly outside the entrance of the building in a full car park it’s probably too good to be true.
  2. Bringing in a box of belongings in to decorate your new desk including: family photos, fluffy pens, personalised mouse mat and desk mascots. Leave this stuff at home for a day or two just in case you’re not actually going to be assigned a desk, you don’t want to be known as the odd guy who walks around with a box full of  troll dolls and a desk plant…
  3. Complaining about being tired or hungry. It’s definitely not what your new co-workers want to hear, oh great we’ve got someone on the team that moans more that Jerry. It doesn’t give off a shining first impression when you’re saying I’m hungry, do I get my break soon? if you’re only one hour into the day.
  4. TMI. Using your new work buddy as a therapist: You may well be going through a difficult breakup, your dog died last week and your friends have forgotten your birthday. It’s a tough time for you and the job change is just what you need to get yourself back on track. But, nobody needs a new employee having an emotional breakdown over their salad at lunch.
  5. Bad mouthing colleagues. You may find yourself caught in discussion where a fellow co-worker is badmouthing other team members or another department.  Did you see what Susan was doing? Hogging the printer all morning like she owns it, how annoying is she? Luckily Susan’s frequent printer usage hasn”t affected your morning so it’s best to divert the conversation to something like the weather, you can’t be known as the office gossip on your first day if you’re talking about rain.
    bad mouthing
  6. Sending your very first email to HR asking to confirm your holiday dates and asking if it would be possible to get a 3 month sabbatical over summer because you’ve always wanted to travel Australia and you finally feel like you’re ready as a person to go and explore the world. Requesting time off like this on your first day may result in a life time sabbatical from the company, enjoy your exploring.
  7. Talking about your next career move to your new colleagues, explaining how you plan to use this new employment as a “pit stop” job until you can find something better, because its not really the type of company for you and you can do much better. If you’ve nothing nice to say, it’s best to say nothing at all.
  8. Asking what the company perks are, if there are any financial benefits and if so when you’ll be getting them. It’s your first day; you don’t want to come across as the greedy one who’s looking to squeeze everything and anything out of the company. This may well be your intention but let’s not make it that obvious, you’re going to need to be there long enough to actually gain any perks of the job.
  9.  Asking your co-workers what their salary is, as you just wanted to compare so you can decide which part of the company you’re looking to progress into because you don’t want to be stuck on this “average wage” for too long. Let’s put this one down on the Never Ask List.
  10. Blurting out comments like “I know you asked me if I was up for a challenge but this is something else” You may want the earth to gobble you up into tiny little pieces when you realise how much work you have just taken on, but you can cry about that at home later this evening, now is the time to put on your brave face and shout “Let’s get to it!” *Big smile/Double thumbs up*.
    thumbs up

Your first day can be overwhelming but it’s important to think like a sponge and soak up as much information as you can. Try to be observant and show your new colleagues the reasons why you were hired and how you can be a helping hand.

And whilst one hand is busy with all that helping, grasp a cup of coffee in the other and then anything is possible, unless they don’t have coffee making facilities, in which case you may need to quit straight away because you don’t need to be associated with somewhere that can’t provide you with a basic caffeine fix.


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