Five ways to ensure social media doesn’t ruin your career

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When you’re on the job hunt, it’s important that your social media profiles reflect you in a positive light, as social media accounts have the capacity to play havoc with your job prospects.

It’s now very common for prospective or current employers to take a look at your social profiles to find out more about you. Once you have opened yourself up to the social media jungle, your profile is public to see, and that includes possible employers and colleagues during a job hunt. If you have added your current employer to your profile information, you are then representing that company on a personal level, so any unsuitable content posted could lead to disciplinary actions or having your job offer retracted, and nobody wants that! Here’s our top five ways to ensure you don’t let social media ruin your career:

1) Avoid the work rants: “Can’t be bothered with work tomorrow, my boss is an idiot!” We all know we can have our frustrations at work, but to vent your emotions about past or present bosses and colleagues on to social sites isn’t a clever idea, and it can have serious consequences. If you are posting about work or prospective employers, make sure it stays positive!


2) Consider editing your past: “Kavos 2013” Sharing photos online is one of the main reasons we use social media. Although there is an unwritten etiquette to image sharing, which everyone should be aware of, no one needs to see that you were a runner up in a wet t-shirt competition or posing around in a man-kini on your hotel balcony. Let that stay in the fond memories of the lucky friends who joined you on holiday and not in the view of a possible employer.

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3) Don’t share inappropriate content. Be careful of what you’re sharing and retweeting on your social media accounts, especially during a job hunt. There is a lot of humorous content on social sites, but it’s sometimes difficult to distinguish good banter from something that can unintentionally offend. Just bear in mind who is going to be seeing it and think:

“Would I be embarrassed if I watched this with my Nan?”

A quick thought process before you hit that share button could save you a lot of future hassle.


4) Don’t be Katie Hopkins. It’s important that you’re able to share your thoughts and opinions on social sites, but you don’t need to try to irritate the entire panel of Loose Women. Your future employer also really doesn’t need to know your strongly worded views on the current government. Try to keep your topic of conversations casual, especially during a job hunt, as you don’t want to be seen as a red flag to a possible employer.

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5) Don’t accidentally audition for Jeremy Kyle. Lastly, but definitely not least, keep the drama down to a minimum. We all seem to be friends with or following that one person who posts regularly about how they’ve had such a miserable week, and how they already predict their weekend is going to be terrible. If this is you, you’ll probably not get you in trouble with an employer (unless it’s all about your place of work), but just bear in mind what’s appropriate content! Some things are best left behind closed doors, or on the set of Jeremy Kyle.


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